Online sex images

By partnering with the Internet Watch Foundation, police officers will be able to spend more time investigating criminals who are creating and accessing online child sex abuse imagery in Bermuda.

Det Insp Clarke added that the IWF would also alert the BPS if they discovered victims or offenders in Bermuda, which could be identified by looking at materials in a room, uniforms and even accents.

He added: With forming the partnership with Bermuda and the IWF, we can decrease the time taken to investigate websites because if they are doing it for us, we can actually go straight to and deal with the issue instead of the background stuff.

We can actually increase the time to investigate the victims and the offenders.

The partnership between Bermuda and the IWF was announced on May 31 with the launch of the dedicated IWF reporting portal, which provides a quick and easy way for internet users to report online images and videos of child sexual abuse to the anonymous hotline.

The launch took place simultaneously in 12 UK Overseas Territories through the partnership made possible by funding from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.