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We all go through that, some just approach it differently. They love to be kicked and beaten with whips and chains....:) Bob the beach boy, er, bum...

If you had many dating experiences before marriage, relationships too, and lived on your own for some time, the transition back to being single seems to be somewhat more understandable when you do divorce and head in that direction. Maybe it is time to reflect on your own situation and get comfortable in your own skin.

For those that never experienced that, they see it, feel it and want to find out about it, and that means that being with one may take time for them and experience.....just know that and move on and let them do their thing and if you are the right one, they will be back with that knowledge some time, and if they are lucky, you may just be around, and if not....well, their loss..... Right now I am tired of all the games that some play. If you always end up with a broken heart it means you are leaving yourself vulnerable and perhaps reaching/graasping for things that aren't real.

A lot of us paid a price to have our freedom and aren't about to go rushing into any commitments; besides a great many of us have come to enjoy our own company, the freedoms we have and the ability to make new friends and not have to be tied to any one person ...unless we are very sure it is the real thing and not some stop-gap accomodation to fill a space called loneliness. It doesn't bother me that much because I am after free exploration myself.

As for being tired of games, just be frank, know what you want and call people on a game when you see one being played. I have had a very long term relationship and now I am happy to have fun.