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Priston Tale is a Free-to-Play MMORPG set in a large 3D fantasy world, where every day is a fight for survival.Hack and slash your way to fame by amassing powerful items, use your special skills to destroy legions of deadly monsters, and take the fight to other players and clans! - Use eight unique character classes, from the FIghter, to Archer, to Magician, all with their own special skills!- Collect and upgrade your weapons and armor to untold levels of power!

Priston tale 2 brasil online dating

- Fight hundreds of monstrous enemies in dozens of diverse environments!

- Plunder deep dungeons for treasure and undertake dozens of quests!

Priston Tale is one of the first classics in the MMORPG world, featuring intense action-style combat, deep character building and tons of loot to outfit yourself with.

Plus, it comes from an earlier time when games were difficult and didn't hold your hand, so you can expect old-school challenge that newer games just can't provide.

Live the legend and take part in the adventure that carved a path for future generations of games. But the companys want more and more money and go to HIGH RATES, too hug the noob players.