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The disparate selves of Hannibal Lecter have been a functioning unit for some time, but being with Will makes the guiltiest of them sure of one thing: they don't deserve to be happy.

Four out of five selves disagree, and Will is on the side of love, peace, and rehabilitating abused animals.

For Kirk to arrive on the transporter pad worse for the wear than when he had left is not unusual.

For him to return fourteen years old, half-starved, and brandishing a knife is perhaps more so.

Neither Kirk, nor the crew of the Enterprise is sure of what to think of each other in the aftermath.-Or, an away mission goes terribly wrong, and the Kirk that the Enterprise receives back from an uncharted planet is younger, halfway feral, and much less well fed than the one they sent away. Stiles is eight when his dad drops him off on the Hale's front porch and then leaves him there.