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And Tinder is at the bottom of the pile, along with Ashley Madison.

In New York legs are spreading like there’s no tomorrow and in Japan people are so timid they have to date pillows and robots and fake women on texting services. Can someone go to Japan and help those poor people out? 62% of Tinder users are actually in a relationship. Remember what happened with Ashley Madison last month? By that time we’ll be so callous towards each other that everyone will just laugh. How many of those swipes are artificially inflated by spammers and bots? What is the equivalent of a right-swipe on a dating service? If I email you and you email me back, that’s a match. Back when he was the Co-founder of Ok Cupid, and they always said Match wasn’t worth the money and nobody should have to pay for a dating site. $90 million for Sam and his team and now he’s at the helm of the company that’s changing society in ways they can’t stop, or even fathom because they’re right in the middle of it. Maybe Mandy Ginsberg got out of Match at the right time.

“Honey, you know, it was just me and the guys having fun at the bar.” Can we talk about the 26 million matches made every day on Tinder? She’s now the CEO of The Princeton Review and on the board of JC Penny. Tinder’s definition of a match as two people physically moving their fingers about a quarter of an inch to the right compared with writing and responding to emails. You do understand that acquisitions like POF are arranged years in advance, right?

Why doesn’t anyone compare Tinder’s performance to other dating sites? Comparing swipes to responded-to emails is ridiculous; they’re not even comparable. And neither does anyone else, because all I read about in the media are stories about people on Tinder hooking up three times a week and 25 million matches a day. Raised millions of dollars and copied much of Tinder and now it’s one of the most used services? It’s not like Sam Yagan and company woke up a few months ago with the brand-new burning desire to acquire POF.

But we’re talking about Tinder here, so anything goes. Whenever two people like or favorite each other’s photos on a dating service, they are a match. Match CEO Greg Blatt Two years ago: I think domestically, there’s nothing that we need to own, meaning we’ve got sort of everything checked off. Go [email protected] He’s the smartest guy in the industry.