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So they collide in their lens set on the future, in some ways.

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Similarly, in the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College, no one ever forbade me from writing or discussing speculative fiction.

Yet, I do not remember ever discussing speculative fiction or reading any speculative fiction manuscripts in workshops.

Even so, a few years after graduating from the program, my close friend and classmate, Robert V. Redick, sold an epic fantasy trilogy, The Chathrand Voyage, to Gollancz (UK) and Del Rey (US).

(When we were in school, I didn't even know he read fantasy, let alone write it. it just never came up.) In what follows, eight authors talk about the purpose of higher education and the purpose of speculative fiction.

They brush on the topics of snobbery, technology, the future of education, and what happens when everyone plays well together.