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Life is never dull in the afterlife as Tsuzuki and Hisoka deal with Muraki's antics, their growing relationship, and Tzusuki's own dark, mysterious past that continues to haunt him.

Space Dandy is a space hunter, someone who is paid to search for new, undiscovered alien species.

Read bisexual manga online

Meanwhile, they're being chased by minions of the Gogol Empire, for reasons that are still a mystery.

In a future where genetic modification is commonplace and government is everything, vampiric 'Phage' are being hunted down like animals.

Special elite agents, under the guidance of the Central Unification Office, are responsible for handling this so-called threat to the galaxy.

Nineteen-year-old agent '044' is the organization’s most efficient killing machine; five years ago she was injected with a virus that gave her exceptional physical abilities at the expense of a highly-shortened life.

Acting as an investigator in Juuouchou, the bureau in charge of ensuring that each soul passes through the cycle of life naturally, his job often involves dealing with those who would disrupt this cycle.