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There are just not enough screens, not to mention the elephant in the room that no one is even talking about and that’s how many screens are going to be available when hits.

“A lot bigger movies than this are going to be off too.” Bernard pointed to a number of initiatives for the film that SPC is able to do for a March opening that they can’t do now.

He says they will get to now premiere their trailer in November and it will play with all the major Christmas releases giving it much wider exposure than it would have received with the original plan.

SPC has a huge contest with Cinemark which has a big presence in the South, a region very important for this country music-themed film, plus radio promotions with the top 50 country stations, as well as screening for the top DJs.

SPC will be able to have its standees out for a couple of months and a big billboard campaign in the major country markets.

They will release a new still online every two weeks starting in January, as well as behind the scenes footage of Hiddleston developing the role which they will turn into several two minute interstitials to roll out online at the same time up to release date.

from its scheduled prime Oscar slot of November 28, to March 25, 2016.


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