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Special thanks to Antman9602 for this very special recommendation. Artist: "Pursuers", "Dans tu dis", and "Fire: Death" by me (Ian Wagner) Some of my music can be found here: Thanks for watching! This game combines the visual novel video game format with western elements and terrible design to make an awful mess of minimal coding and barely decent art that some people might call a game. Artist: "Puerto Rico Me Llama", "Casa Bossa Nova", and "As I Figure" by Kevin Mac Leod are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source:

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Try to win her heart by choosing the right options and getting a good ending. v=r VMtc1Bw Mv Y&index=49&list=PLSOAmzrtm_h Y2Yg4qp0YEr WPkf20GV5z N ♥Follow me on Social Media! Download link (Free) john-cena-vn Follow me on Twitter! I think Rachel gets the award for most complicated woman in the world.

Take control of Luke in this Sexy Dating Sim where you work on your project with a woman named Celina and you realize she's much more than your partner for the group project. ► kubzscouts --------------------------- We're here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! We finally get to bang Rachel in Something's In The Air! If you guys haven't seen part 1: Check it out here!!

DATING SIMULATOR DATING SIMULATOR DATING SIMULATOR FB PAGE - pages/Thekubzscouts/520155884781027? He's young, he's desperate, and he'll probably bang anything that moves. Follow on Twitch to be notified: POPPKELL Video Schedule Calendar: Ou0Xzq T-Shirts, Vlogs, & Website! Game Link: sita/ About Something's In The Air: You are a single American guy who moved to a new city a few weeks ago for work. This was just Nini and I playing Surgeon Simulator and I decided to put together a montage of moments I thought were pretty funny!

ref=hl Dating Ariane Dating Simulator - Welcome to Date Ariane! DAILY Streams ► cinnamontoastken Follow me on Twitter! VLOG CHANNEL: poppkell T-SHIRTS: WEBSITE: (In-Progress/Not Finished)Date Ariane Visual novel walkthrough and playthrough of one of the good endings in the game where Rebecca comes over to skinny dip in the pool and new moaning sound effects from Ariane?! Subscribe to my main channel for great content every single day! v=CFPNGf KCn2c&list=PL4v F-Txb Ccz JMKohkksn I-YJCIy JFWimo&index=7 Date Ariane Visual Novel Download Link (18+): dateariane/ Follow me on Twitter! Your social circle consists of a couple of guys from work, and Dave an old friend from your home town who moved here before you.

A montage of gameplay recorded between myself, Nini and a couple of friends. Scary game where you play as Aya and look for the evil secrets of her dad who is a scientist. This is a parody of the popular TV show COPS, this was filmed with playstation 4 using the GTA 5 heists cop suit glitch.