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    il sistema con cui si esprime la misura del tempo (e quella degli angoli) è quello sessagesimale (a base 60): 1 h = 60 min; 1 min = 60 sec Sappiamo eseguire le operazioni con misure di tempo e angoli, e ridurre anche in forma normale.

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    * I've asked for specific builds only, rather than general ideas or archetypes like "DMM cleric" or "Ubercharger." * If anyone has a link to a better/more recent build for the Hulking Hurler (still looking for the one that throws planets), the Nasty Gentleman, or the Terminator, please post a link, and I'll update it. * Due to the number of popular Practical Optimization builds, I've separated the links into TO builds and PO builds.

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    Despite pre-release publicity suggesting otherwise, Campbell did not break her tradition of having a “no-nudity” clause in her contract for the film.