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Optimism, conviction and resilience are hallmarks of Somi's new creations—these are songs of survival and awareness.“ Changing Inspiration” speaks of surveying the present, remembering lessons of the past, and allowing both to inform and inspire the possibilities of the future.

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“ Be Careful, Be Kind” expresses Somi's emotional response to a young cousin's tragic death in a car accident and her family's coming to peace with it.

“ Prayer To the Saint of the Brokenhearted,” reflects on the sense of helplessness and hopelessness one often feels after heartache, while serving as a reminder of the possibilities of faith and renewal.

And the title track offers assurance that we can always go home for grounding, support and love.

At the core of each of Somi's highly personal and intimate tales are shared emotions and experiences of love, life, loss and learning.

“ Enganjyani,” which means 'most beloved' in Rutooro, the language spoken by Somi's Ugandan mother, refers to, as she puts it, “the memory of whispered prayer and being haunted by a past lover.” The track features the legendary Hugh Masekela, a longtime Somi fan who has become a mentor, guesting on trumpet.


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