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That's another pint I owe you Chris, this is getting expensive! Thanks WF, I was using the companion for the "Normal" taranis, suppose that's why I was "Nonplussed". Hi Phil To add another level to this you can update the bootloader to 2.0.15 as well as the firmware, I just did mine.

With the Taranis switched off, plug in the USB cable.

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So after many hours of making a very custom 7 channel config for my Multiplex Cularis FPV Glider, with differential flaps, crow flaps, aileron washout for tip stall avoidance, and switches to control my FPV camera and talk to APM:: Plane, the autopilot running on my pixhawk, I've published my setup with explanations so that others can use it.

Just got my new birthday present today, a nice shiny Taranis plus.

I have downloaded the companion9x software, and installed the drivers as instructed, but all attempts to transfer files of any sort between laptop and Tx fail, all I get is a message saying "Impossible to identify the radio on your system..........".

There is some sort of connection, as when I connect up with power on the Tx a strange, unidentifiable icon appears in the top right of the Tx screen.

This page seems to imply that when connecting up with power on the laptop automatically sees the Tx as two new hard drives, but that certainly doesn't happen. If you have a Taranis plus then I'm pretty sure you need Open Tx Companion, rather than Companion 9x. Once you have that installed, you'll need to hold both horizontal trim switches towards the centre of the Tx while you switch it on, then connect it to the PC.


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