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Among them are four papers by Albert Einstein explaining (among other things) Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect, the special theory of relativity, and the equation E = mc. 589 - 622 Copyright © 1997 - 2016 Mineralogical Society of America.

Also of significance in 1905 was the first application of another major advance in physics, which dramatically changed the fields of Earth and planetary science.

In March of 1905 (and published the following year), Ernest Rutherford presented the following in the Silliman Lectures at Yale:"The helium observed in the radioactive minerals is almost certainly due to its production from the radium and other radioactive substances contained therein.

There is an important subplot to the historical development of radioisotopic dating over the last hundred years, which, ironically, arises directly from the subsequent history of the U-He dating method Rutherford described in 1905. Strutt noted in 1910, He ages only provided "minimum values, because helium leaks out from the mineral, to what extent it is impossible to say" (Strutt, 1910, Proc Roy Soc Lond, Ser A 9-388).

Almost as soon as radioisotopic dating was invented, it was recognized that the U-He [or later the (U-Th)/He method], provided ages that were often far younger than those allowed by stratigraphic correlations or other techniques such as U/Pb dating. For several decades most attention was diverted to U/Pb and other techniques better suited to measurement of crystallization ages and establishment of the geologic timescale.

Gradually it became clear that other radioisotopic systems such as K/Ar and later fission-track also provided ages that were clearly younger than formation ages.

In 1910 it may have been impossible to say the extent to which He (or most other elements) leaked out of minerals, but eventually a growing understanding of thermally-activated diffusion and annealing began to shed light on the significance of such ages.

The recognition that some systems can provide cooling, rather than formation, ages, was gradual and diachronous across radioisotopic systems.


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