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Co-located with Microsoft Ignite, the Microsoft Data Science Summit is a two day event during Microsoft Ignite for data scientists, big data engineers, machine learning practitioners, and IT pros who want insights into the latest advanced analytics technologies.

After enjoying a summer romance, high school students Danny and Sandy are unexpectedly reunited when she transfers to Rydell High.

There Sandy must contend with cynical Rizzo and the Pink Ladies in attempt to win Danny's heart again.

A story of sound, design and performance, the exhibition will chronicle the music, iconic visuals and staging of the band, from the underground psychedelic scene in 1960s London to the present day, illustrating their groundbreaking use of special effects, sonic experimentation, powerful imagery and social commentary.


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    "Misfortune at the Beach" Parte 01 (Dublado em Português Brasil) - ; Wizards of Waverly Place é uma série de televisão americana estrelada por Selena Gomez e produzida em live-action e em animação.

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    Finding a wife in the former USSR has never been so easy!

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    For its simplicity, In their manifesto, founders and "pomosexuals" (people who reject labels concerning their sexual orientation) Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko have written that they think huamn sexuality is much more open than the way its traditionally considered: We believe it's natural for someone to feel a powerful sense of attachment to a long term partner while feeling intense romantic love for somebody else and at the same time, feeling sexually attracted to a diverse range of people.