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Season 3Love at First Fight: While getting Taco's at the drive thru, Coop gets into a fight with his toughest opponent yet: ANOTHER MEGAS! *Daydreams of giving them to a museum for cash, back to reality* Could probably make a quick buck by selling some of these bones to a museum.

The sides appear to be even but when the pilot of the other Megas reveals herself to be an old friend of Coop's emotions run wild. Ultrabot Z and Uno fight the evil Alpha and his diosabyer stoppers from wiping out humanity. Jamie: Can we just say we destroyed it and go home? Kiva: These skeletons are dated from 500 years ago! Kiva: These worms must of been living underground sleeping undisturbed for years!

Can Coop convice the 2 bioloids that he isn't Alpha before Alpha gets to ? Racheal: You have no idea what you just unleased by letting Skippy keep that mech.

Rosh-O-Megas: Jersey city is destroyed and Kiva is pissed. Lunareon: Stand aside child or I will strike you down! I can save the world..get some senseless smashing in! Jenna: I'll tell Coop when the time comes...besides.

She wants an explanation as to how it all went down.

So Coop, Jamie, and Goat tell different stories of how Jersey was destroyed. Grill Power: Coop decides to get a new BBQ, but it's not just any BBQ, it's the Omegacue, the ultimate BBQ.

But if a long line at the store is bad enough, throw in a giant Octopus alien who craves Freshwater. Jamie: Oh great..leave you with the kid for 1 day and he brings home a mech.


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