Women six pack abs dating sites

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Take this Charles Atlas ad from the early 40’s: It seems that to get girlfriends in 1940 you needed to buy Charles Atlas’ strength training program so you could look like the big guy on the right and kick sand in the 97 pound weakling’s face.

Seems that profitable sales tactics don’t change with the decades.

Seventy years later, sixpackshortcuts is using the same strategy to make millions – promising that “quality hot women will drool over you” if you buy his $97 e Book: There is just one little problem, it doesn’t work.

Not only are there no studies I can find that show women are attracted to guys with sixpack abs, there is a very good study to the contrary.

Trying to be funny when you are NOT is a BIG turn off. Insecure is NOT attractive, its a big red warning flag.