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Ukraine Lois Elaine, known for her gymnastic skills, is going for a triple orgasm which is a “10” for “degree of difficulty.” Both Lois and her partner, James, have scored well for “artistic impression” and “technical merit” in the last round, but James was penalized two-tenths of a point for a “balance check.” Here comes the dismount. It leads to superficialities and to pride investment in performance rather than healthy interest in richer relating.

We’re coached by such books as How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time, Hot, Sexy, and Safe, Sex Begins in the Kitchen, Super Marital Sex, and The Multiple-orgasm Male. (Those with Y-chromosomes, may wish to move directly to Secret 3 (The Guy’s Guide to Cars . Theodore Rubin in One to One This stress on mechanics is destructive.

It’s also important to point out that The Kinsey Report on sexuality was written by a zoologist who interviewed prostitutes and imprisoned pedophiles!

(Hopefully, not an accurate demographic sampling.) The famous sex-pert Masters (of Masters and Johnson) was a gynecologist.

They approached the subject in lab coats, rather than observing the emotional and spiritual dynamics of a loving relationship.

So, whatever good the Kinsey Report and Masters and Johnson have provided in the techniques of sexual intimacy, has overshadowed the artistic merit of nurturing loving relationships.

That’s why ancient scriptures and modern university studies reveal that context is what makes sex either delightful or dangerous. How beautiful you are and how pleasing, O love, with your delights!


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