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In the spirit of SNSD’s 4th anniversary which only couple days away, we tried to compile these words into a So Shi-dictionary!

Reminder: The Soshictionary will continue to evolve over time.

If you see certain terms missing feel free to contribute by posting the word and a short definition in the comments below.

You may find your submission a part of the Soshictionary! The girls have said that it sounds like a crying elementary school student, which isn’t exactly ‘cute’ in a traditional sense: “When it keeps getting repeated, it starts to kind of grate against your eardrums.” Even Sunny, SNSD’s Aegyo Queen, hates it so much that she would push Yoona down the stairs. The girls shoot viewers with an arrow, captivating their hearts!

The dance move is rather simple, all you do is imitate an archer pulling back for a shot.